Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker review

We love soda here.  We are fiends for Coke Zero.  It's nothing for us to buy a 24pk of cans twice a week for our family of 4.  There are some major problems with this though.  First of all...it's not cheap!  Second, all those cans really pile up!  Yes, we recycle them, but you have to crush them and haul them away! (We don't have curbside recycle here.)

I happened upon the SodaStream...I fell in love!  Wanted one for ages!  I didn't know anyone who had one though, so I didn't know if it was an acceptable replacement for our beloved Coke Zero.  Then, I got one to review!  How awesome is that?

Let's start from getting the box.  I was worried that it would take an engineering degree to put this together.  Not at all!  You only have to screw in the carbonator canister and pop the back on it and it's ready to go!  How easy!  Wash the 1 liter bottle (these are NOT dishwasher safe), fill with cold water (the colder, the better!), screw it into the machine and push the button!  Could it have been any easier??  You push the button in small bursts until you get a loud buzz about 3 times.  And if you like your soda fizzier, push it a few more times!  That's the beauty of this...my husband and I like different levels of fizz, this accommodates us both!  Unscrew the bottle and add the soda mix.  Gently mix the syrup in and you have a great soda!

I received 6 different soda mixes to try and we loved them all, including the Zero Cola (except the energy, but I don't like Red Bull at all, and it tasted just like it.)  There are lots of different mixes to choose from, and they have diet versions of almost everything!  My son's favorite is root beer.  He especially loves it because he can make his own soda, all by himself!  He's 10, it's that easy.  

I received MyWater Essence flavors to try out as well.  We didn't like them that well, but we tend to go for more bolder flavors.  If you enjoy a touch of flavor in your water then this would be great for you! 

We found a local store that stocks SodaStreams and will switch out the carbonator canister, so we have never had to send the canister through the mail.  This store doesn't stock all the flavors of mix, so we have purchased other flavors online with great results.  

It really is simple.  We keep the bottles full of water in the fridge, so we just have to grab one, buzz it, add the mix, and enjoy!  It is that easy.  Not only does this save us money, but it saves us from crushing and hauling cans to be recycled.  All this has to be better for the environment!  Win-win!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go buy one today!    

Disclosure: I received a SodaStream Fountain Jet Soda Maker for the purpose of review, however my opinions are 100% my own.  To read my full disclosure, go here.