Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer time!

Wow!  Summer time is full of sun and fun!  But it's the crazy schedule that blindsided me!  I realized that my days were no longer going to be my own when school let out, but this is ridiculous!  Nick is on the MUAC swim team, so he's swimming 4 days a week.  We signed Wesley up for Miracle League baseball and that's two nights a week.  Between all that, I haven't got a second to think!  Ok, now that I have complained about how busy I am, let me tell you what's going on with us in more detail.

Nick decided to try the swim team.  Last year was his first official swim lessons, so he had no idea what freestyle was when it came to swimming.  MUAC, or also known as Morgantown United Aquatic Club, is a fantastic club!  They are a casual swim team that is only active for the first part of summer.  He only has three weeks left!  But it's pretty intense while they are doing it.  At the last meet, he got to swim the long and the short freestyle, and the backstroke.  He did have a problem with his goggles though, we will have to try and fix that.  He's doing fairly well and has expressed an interest in swimming year round...not sure if we will go that route this year or let him swim with MUAC again next year.

Wesley was signed up for Miracle League baseball.  This is a fantastic thing through Stepping Stones.  They allow kids with disabilities to play baseball!  They have buddies for the kids that need them and two teams of kids.  They play against each other each week.  They each get a turn to bat and there are no outs.  If they can't hit a pitched ball, they can hit it off the tee.  You should see how proud those kids are when they hit that ball!  You should hear the parents cheering for all the kids!  It doesn't matter which team they are on, we cheer for them all!  :-)  Wesley is NOT impressed with fact, he will say, without fail, "No hit the ball."  He wants no part of it...well, except for the snack part!  Anyway, the last game was the parents vs the kids and we just let Wesley sit on the sidelines instead of fighting with him.  He did a fantastic job sitting and Rich and I had a blast playing!  The parents had to have a disadvantage when it came to their turn to bat, so we picked out of a hat as to if you were to bat blindfolded, with one arm tied behind your back, or with your shoe laces tied together.  It was a blast, seriously!  I think we are going to continue to take Wesley and let him watch the games and see if he ever decides to play.  I'm not holding my breath though!

Rich and I will be participating in a Chili Cook-Off this Friday at our church.  It's a fundraiser for some awesome friends of ours that are battling Mitochondrial Disease, the mom and all 5 children.  They need to see a specialist in Georgia and need to raise $4000 for the trip.  We need some more entries if you have a great chili recipe!  Here's a page to explain a little more of their battle: Laurie Family Trip to Georgia  I hope to see many people there!  You can also help them out even if you can't come to the cook-off.  Thanks for anything you can do!