About me

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Misty.  I am the Domestic Engineer for our humble abode.

I love to read and make my own soap.  I love my local MOPS group and I am currently on the steering team as a mentor mom.

I started this blog simply to have a place to journal about my life.  Stuff such as noting blessings to look back on, a place to store the milestones for the kids.  It has turned into more.

It's a place that I can reach out to others.  I can let other people know that they aren't alone in all the stuff that I am dealing with.  It's a place that I can share.  It gives me a kind of anonymous voice that I feel more comfortable about using.  I have also been a contributor to the book, Not Alone, where I share my story of living with depression.

If you stick around, you will read lots about my kids.  You can read more about them here too.  I will share the joys and struggles of autism and ADHD.  I love to cook, so you will see recipes too!  I like trying new things, so I would welcome recipes from you too.  It's really hard to tell what you will find here!

You can find me online in a couple different places.  Twitter (@MistyDC29) and Facebook (Misty Chaffins)

Then, of course, you can always email me!  MistyDC29@gmail.com