Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy birthday Wesley!

Wesley turns 7 tomorrow, so I thought that I would share some memories and pictures of the birthday boy! 

Wesley is our long tried for child.  We tried for 4 years for this beautiful blonde boy.  Who knew what we were getting ourselves into?  :-) 

The very first picture of Wesley!
Wesley had some medical issues during his 2 years, including asthma.
Doesn't he look like a model here??  Love it!

But this is how Daddy does it!


Wesley is a super funny witnessed here:

He wore these glasses for quite some time.

Wesley loved these teeth...even went to bed with them in!

And then these pictures.  Wesley decided that he and Daddy needed to switch hats!  :-)

Wesley is currently...and has been for about the last 18 months...very into Mario.  Don't let the costume fool you...he really likes Luigi better.  :-)

Happy 7th birthday, Wesley!


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