Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soap and stuff

Good afternoon all. I've been thinking about a blog for a you can see. I try to start it and then it falls by the wayside. Anyway, I make soap and am attempting to sell it, so a blog may help in that endeavor. Also, I am reading a book with a group of moms from my MOPS group this summer and a blog was brought up there as well. I really like this idea. A blog would be a perfect place to journal God's blessings in my easy place to come back and be encouraged when the going gets tough. Another reason would be to journal Wesley's progress. As slow as he progresses sometimes, it's hard to see it. Actually, his therapist just reminded me of it the other day. I was getting frustrated and she pointed out several things. So, I thought I would use my blog for all these things. Bear with me...I can be slow getting things started. I think that I am going to put in separate entries for each of these things so it will be easier to organize. I really am thinking "out loud" here, so feel free to ignore. :-)


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