Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hi! Are you glad to see me sooner than before? I am glad to be here! Oh, one big thing to tell everyone. Wesley took my canister of Stove Top stuffing and was eating it! This is huge for him!! He eats so few things! And I got proof!!

Last night, we went to the Paw Paw fair. My brother in law usually has a car in the demolition derby there. He wasn't able to drive this year, so his nephew did.
The car didn't run for long, but Stevie got some good hits in. He drove in the King of the Hill at the end, but we didn't stay for that, so I don't know how well he did then. Nicholas got to ride some rides...even got his daddy on one! I got to take Alex around. He had fun. He's just 2, so this was the first year that he understood the rides. Wesley stayed home with his Poppy. He would not have done well at the derby. He does enjoy riding the rides, but sometimes it's hard to get him to sit still.

Nicholas went home with Mom after the derby and Rich left this morning to go to lessons, practice and then a gig tonight. So, I had some time to get some stuff done. Got some dishes and clothes washed, floors vacuumed and still had some time to make some soap! Dad brought them back in this afternoon and since Wesley has not had any medicine, he's currently running back and forth from hallway, through the livingroom and kitchen to the laundry room and back. Tonight's not going to be any fun without his medicine, but we will get through it!


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