Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How a piece of furniture about wrecked the day...

Life is always interesting here at Chez Chaffins.  Here's the latest bit of interesting.  Getting a new piece of furniture is capable of wrecking an entire day!  Can you believe that?  I do.  It was an expected result here.  Let me get you up to speed...

DVDs...We haven't had cable for most of our marriage.  So, we have LOTS of DVDs.  Wesley loves DVDs. He will sift through lots of DVDs looking for just the right movie.  He is a rather independent child as well...things are usually his way or the highway.  But he has no regard to respecting property, the rejected movies are tossed on the floor or he will remove a DVD from the player and throw it on the floor...then walk on it, or put a chair on it...they get scratched pretty easily...or broken.  So, our living room is an interesting sight.  When DVDs get picked up, they are usually stacked together and tucked somewhere on the top shelf in the hopes that Wesley won't get them again before we have time to sort them back into their cases.  And this is usually a lower priority thing, so Wesley will usually get hold of them before we have time to sort them back in their cases.  You get where I am going with this??  We have had to rebuy several DVDs, especially of Wesley's favorites that will cause tantrums if they no longer play.  Our DVDs are kept on a bookshelf, open to the rampage of the 4 year old.  This has got to stop!!  So, we went yesterday and found a cabinet that has doors and locks.

Now, we had to put this cabinet together, first of all, and Wesley was home.  He thought this was the funnest thing ever and had to be right in the middle of everything.  This was all well and good while building the shell of the thing.  We ended up building around Wesley.  Then when we put shelves in it, he wasn't so happy with that and wanted to sit on them.  "I want sit down."  While great talking...not a good idea!  Remember "his way or the highway?"  Yeah, that's when it all started.  He was not a happy camper.  At this point, he still has no idea what's going IN this cabinet.  So, we get the thing built and decide to see how it's going to stand up against the Wesley storm, so we locked it...it was completely empty.  Wesley's head about exploded!  But I am happy to say that the cabinet held up just fine!  :-)

We went to work getting the movies transferred from bookshelf to cabinet and, of course, Wesley wanted to be in the middle of that, so I put him to work.  He loved it.  We did have to divert him a few times, but it's all in a day's work now.  Got the transfer done and locked the cabinet.  You could almost see it click in his brain that he was no longer going to have access to the movies.  Not pretty, not pretty.  Luckily, and speaking to his progress, this did not last too long...not as long as I had expected anyway.  I really kind of expected him to still be screaming about it.

Wesley is super smart and getting pretty sneaky too, so I don't, for a minute, think that he is all fine and good with this new cabinet.  I think he's just biding his time.

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  1. HAHA I feel your pain. Many DVDs have been abused in our house because they were not THE ONE! I am thrilled that is upset and calming himself, interaction!! You guys are doing a GREAT job!

    God bless
    Heather Laurie