Thursday, September 23, 2010


I read something interesting today.  The number one reason that people stop blogging is because they don't have a reason to continue.  Did you get that?  I know it sounds like common sense, doesn't it?  Well, it kinda hit me over the head.  I have been pondering doing another post, but wasn't really motivated to do it.  So, I got to looking at other people's blogs and decided to Google "Why blog?"  I got a couple of interesting hits, but, for me, the most profound was the number one reason people stop blogging.

I don't have a reason to blog.  I have struggled with this for some time now.  I want a reason, but I haven't found it yet.  So, dear readers (whoever the 2 may be), tell me... why do you blog, if you do, and why should I blog?


  1. Blog about your family, your experiences, the meals you made today, your achievements or those of your family. They are your record for others to read back on and for you when you have a forgetry like me ... warmest wishes xx

  2. that one is simple. you should blog to share the joys and the trials of raising those 2 wonderful boys.

  3. I like to use it as a sounding board for my thoughts about...everything.

    There are a lot of blogging memes out there that you can use to kind of "force" blogging until you get in the habit of it. This site: does a Random Dozen every Wednesday. Different questions every week.

    If you go to you can get free books to read and review on your blog. Which is pretty cool. has a daily blog prompt. It's cool because they even help you find images to use. has different memes for every day of the week. And you can create your own -- lots of people do (like my Sappy Saturday or Stuff I've Been Reading Sunday -- a friend of mine does a Monday Morning High Five). Again, that doesn't have to be what your blog is "about" but it can fill out a few other days while you find your niche.

    Hope that gives you some ideas. I think writing about what you're passionate about is the best thing to write about. Your family, your faith, crafts, whatever it is. If it resonates with you, it will resonate with your readers!

    And have fun. If it's a chore, that will come through too (trust me -- it's pretty obvious when I'm forcing a post!).

    Good luck!

  4. Dag, that was longer than I intended. Sorry!

  5. No problem! Thanks for all the feedback. I guess another thing was that I just wasn't sure if anyone was reading either. all have put a smile on my face and a reason to my blog! :-)

  6. Relax, Blogs ebb and flow. There will be times I think of several things in one day to say then weeks that go by with only blahhh feelings. I find that if I look for pics I like to talk about. Or write a sentence or too and keep it in draft someday in the future those sentences may spark a post. Never forget keep it real and keep it you. This blog doesn't own you or your time. We will be here when ever you write :)
    God bless
    Heather Laurie