Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday and Bikes

We had a wonderful day on Sunday! It was beautiful outside, and the kids had just gotten new bikes thanks to my parents! :-) Rich had a late night the night before because of a gig and needed to sleep, so I took the kids to Rails for Trails to ride bikes. Wesley doesn't know how to ride a bike, he's just seen Nick riding and thought it would be fun, but we needed to work on peddling. Nick was having a blast just riding, Wesley wasn't wanting anything to do with peddling, so I pushed him with his feet on the peddles. He seemed to get the steering part though...until he was interested in something else and forgot to steer. :-) I have a feeling this will be a problem even after he starts peddling on his own too. After walking/riding for a while, we turned around and headed for Tugboat Depot. Wesley loved it...Nick was a little bored after a while. So, we decided to go get some ice cream. Wesley hopped right back on his bike and while I was pushing him...he started peddling!! He seemed to get it! He did have some trouble with making it go on his own, but he's getting the idea!! That's huge! When we got back to the car, he didn't want to go...kept saying "No bye-byes." He wanted to keep riding, even over ice cream!


  1. The kids look like they are having a great time!! And you can no longer say "exactly zero people read this blog" Here I am ;)
    Love you guys stay strong and happy!!!
    God bless
    Heather Laurie

  2. Thanks Heather...I appreciate you being here too. Stay cool, my friend!

  3. I wonder if Wesley will be as wide on his bike as Nicholas is on his.