Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have wasted several days trying to figure out what, exactly, I was supposed to write about next...not exactly sure WHY I was stressing over it. Exactly ZERO people read this, so it shouldn't matter, right? Hmmm...just another way I am a high maintenance person, I guess.

Anyway, to the subject at hand...trampolines. My 4 year old, Wesley, has autism. He's been diagnosed for over 2 years now. He can be very active...really, very active! When the weather is nice, he loves to jump on our big trampoline outside, so this past winter, I got the bright idea to get an exercise trampoline for INSIDE. It has been a LIFESAVER!! MINE! He is currently jumping on it and has been for the last 15 minutes. I can't imagine what state my house would be in if we didn't have the trampoline!

Now, even with the trampoline, my house is a wreck. My son loves to wreck it. He has a couple of strange quirks too. If he finds a writing implement, he heads directly for the wall to practice his artwork, or "w" for Wesley. He loves to peel my wall too. Ugh! I thought we were through with this, but He's trying to pick it up again, which means I have to be doubly vigilante!

The trampoline gives me little leeway. If he can expend a little energy on it, then he might leave something else alone for a little while. This is my hope anyway.


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