Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All rolled into one!

This weekend was crazy and it rolled right into my week!  Agh!  So, dear readership, you get a post with everything all rolled into one!  You should have gotten Meaning-Full Monday, TAG Tuesday, and Wesley Wednesday already, so here it is!  :-)

Thank you God for keeping Rich safe!  He was in an accident on Friday afternoon.  It was totally the other guy's fault too.  Thankfully, the occupants of the other vehicle didn't appear to be hurt either.  Rich had a pretty sore weekend though.  I don't think he realized how bad a sudden stop like that would hurt!  Fun fact: airbags deploy at 186 mph.  Typically, the decision to deploy an airbag in a frontal crash is made within 15 to 30 milliseconds after the onset of the crash, and the airbags are fully inflated within approximately 60-80 milliseconds after the first moment of vehicle contact.

It looks like the insurance company is going to total our little car, so we are looking into our options at this time.  God has always and will always provide!!

Nicholas is doing well.  He's having fun with learning the violin, he's excited because they are actually playing some music now!  :-)  He was pretty bored with the exercises that they were having to do.

 He is totally in love with the TAG program.  From the sounds of it, he's feeling very different in class and right at home during TAG.  I guess there are other kids calling him a nerd and such.  *Sigh*  Why do kids have to be so mean??  He's doing really well with it though, "They don't understand that it just means that I'm so smart."  Love that kid!

Wesley is being a little super star!  He's totally got 1-7 now!  We were only working on 1, 3, and 5, but Sharon tried 1-10 and he knew 1-7!  I about fell out of my chair!  Shapes are much like that as well.  He has circle, square, heart, star, octagon (!).  He still needs just a little reminder for triangle and he calls a rectangle a door...well, it does look like it!  But he has finally mastered blue and yellow, so we added red and he already knew it!  We are hearing more and more functional speech!  Yeah!  We are pretty proud of him!

All that being said, behavior is going downhill...hopefully not for long, it makes me tired.  Mornings are being fairly rough.  I am having to fight him to get him dressed, into and out of the car and onto the bus.  By the time I get all that done at 8 in the morning, I am ready to go back to bed!  This morning, I didn't buckle him into his seat to go meet the bus (it's down the driveway), when I got out (and left the car running) he locked all the doors and wouldn't unlock it or get out.  I only had one set of keys and it was raining.  Beautiful start to my morning!  He didn't like it one bit when his bus drove off without him though, so he unlocked the door and got out after it!  We jumped back in the car (after I buckled him in!) and chased the bus down. Got to stand in the rain and talk to another mom for a while though!  It was great to see her.  Hi Cheri!  :-)

Alright ladies and gents, I am going to call it a day here.  I know these were brief, but I think I got you all caught up.  Until next time!  :-)


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