Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend and new blog...nothing creative here.

I have a new (revived) blog for my soap!  Come follow me over there!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was a little up and down.  Friday ended up pretty great because a problem that I was having with Wesley's SSI got resolved and I had a fantastic time with the MOPS ladies at Mom's Night Out!  We had an absolute blast!  We played "I've never..." and I revealed a little more about myself than I wanted to, but that's the beauty of these one was judging me.  We were all laughing and had a good time.  I knocked Lisa out of the chair, but was nice and helped her up and let her have it.  :-)

Saturday was a pretty good day too.  Nick got to go hunting for the very first time...I will have to recount some stories later this week.  The we got together with his 4H group and went to see Megamind.  That was a really good movie!  Loved the soundtrack!  Songs like "Back in Black", "Bad to the Bone", "Bad."  Great stuff!  Then we went to eat at McDonald's.  We had a good time!

Yesterday is where the down came to play.  Got the kids all dressed and ready to go to church.  I was excited to go, Rich was playing at CRC this weekend.  We got in the car, with the exception of Nick, he was still in the house...went to put the car into park to go see what was taking him so long and the gear shift fell off in my hand.  Ok, either this thing just broke or I suddenly have super human strength!  Wow!  Let's see what else I can do!  Nope, it just broke.  Of course, I was sitting in front of the house in the middle of the road, in reverse.  Nick couldn't get out of the door, so...not thinking here...I shut the car down.  Great, now I can't get it started again because it's in gear!  ARGH!!  Luckily, there isn't much traffic on my road at 8:30 on a Sunday morning.

"Dad, can you come rescue me?  I'm stuck!"  Dad played the knight in shining armor. He took my steering column apart so I can shift gears manually.  Ugh.  Checked it out online, apparently, this is a common problem with these vehicles.  And something like $2000 to replace the steering column!!  Are you kidding me?!?  It's almost Christmas, I don't have that kind of money!! (I wouldn't have that kind of money even if it WASN'T almost Christmas, but that's beside the point!)

And this morning, my kids decided that 4:30 was a FINE time to be awake!  (ZZZzzzzz.....)

Anyway, that was my weekend.  How was yours?


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