Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New "Family" Page

This is my family...I know, the picture is a couple of years old.  I will update it soon with the one we just had taken.  Speaking of that...that would make a great post!  Anyway, to the subject at hand...

This is Nicholas.  He's my birthday baby.  He was born on my 25th birthday, much to my dismay.  That day was mine, fair and square!  But a nice side affect is that I am forever 25 now, since he took my birthday!  :-)  Nicholas has always been a really curious boy.  He's always asking the hardest questions!  He loves to read and is currently reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  Nicholas was diagnosed with ADHD last year...finally.  I have known there was a problem for some time, but you have to go through the hoops to get a diagnosis.  He's now on medication and it has helped a TON!  He is super smart, but lacks focus.  We are currently working through that.  

Nicholas loves video games and has a very vivid imagination that he uses to make up stories on a daily basis, much to our delight!  Nicholas is a blast to be around.  He's caring and sensitive.  He would do just about anything to help someone out.  He's a super big brother as well.

This is Wesley.  Wesley is my "long tried for" baby.  We had all but given up when he decided to grace us with his presence.  Wesley has always been our problem child.  He was in the hospital at 4 weeks old with RSV.  We dealt with asthma and ear infections during the first year of his life and then speech issues during the second year.  He was diagnosed with Autism Disorder just after his second birthday.  He's been in some sort of therapy since he was 16 months old.  He's almost 5 now.  He has really come a long way.  He's in a special needs preschool class with a fantastic teacher.  He also goes to outside therapy three times a week.  Here is a post that goes through lots of background with Wesley...click here.  

All that being said...Wesley is an awesome boy!  He's a funny guy!  Loves to make you laugh, and his giggle is absolutely contagious!  Wesley loves to jump on his trampoline and play video games.  He's not quite got the hang of that whole sharing thing though!

And last, but most certainly NOT least, is my absolutely fabulous husband, Rich.  I am so very lucky to be married to my best friend.  We have been married for about 12 years now.  Seems like forever and no time at all.  Rich and I have been through a lot.  But we have leaned on God together and have been brought even closer through everything.  

Rich is everything to do with guitars.  He's a professional musician, he's a teacher, and he's a luthier.  He blows my socks off with the knowledge he has about guitars in his head!  He plays with some great people in the band UnderShelter.  They RAWK!!  He's also on staff at Chestnut Ridge Church and is the Worship Director at Kingwood Christian Fellowship.  He has a little shop by our house that he's building his guitars in.  His business, Agape Guitars,  is growing!  He makes some beautiful stuff!  Check it out!  He does all this for 2 reasons.  First, because he loves it.  But second, so I can stay home.  Wesley's therapy appointments are hard to work around, so he works a ton so I can stay home and take care of all that.  Rich loves me more than I can imagine.  He makes sure I know that every single day.  What more could I ask for?

So, this is my family.  Stick around and you will find out more about our life!  

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