Friday, November 18, 2011

Food Friday!

Ok, another one not actually about food.  This time it is COFFEE!

Now, Rich and I have never been coffee drinkers.  I would drink the occasional cup, but he would only drink it is he was fighting to stay awake and simply for the caffeine jolt.  One day, I have no idea what got into him, he ordered a cup while we were eating at Cracker Barrel because I had.  I think this was the first time I have ever seen him order coffee while we were out to wasn't for the caffeine either, it was decaf!  Well, this was pretty yummy coffee.  There were a few more instances of coffee being ordered and I was really beginning to question my sanity.  Who was this guy?  

Anyway, it was almost my birthday and Rich started talking about how he needed to go get my present (it was the day before my birthday), so I talked him into letting me go with him to help pick it out...little did I know that there wasn't too much "picking it out" to be done.  :-)  Well, that is if I don't count the actual coffee.  He got me the french press, a coffee grinder, and 2 bags of beans.  Since we are new to this whole thing, we aren't sure what we will like yet, so we have to do some experimenting!  Fun!  We get to experiment with different beans and coffee goo!  Earlier this week, I hit upon a winning combination.  Hazelnut beans with chocolate caramel coffee goo...YUM!  This combo will stick around for a while!

This thing is perfect for 2 travel mugs of for each of us.  And we have had at least one cup every day since he got it for me.  I am happy to say that my house is a coffee drinking house!  :-)  

My friend, Alise, has raved for years about her french press and how much better coffee is when made in it.  We finally got one. 

Share some of your faves with me!  I am loving this experimenting stuff!


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