Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pet Peeves - 30 Day Blog

Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. Receiving a phone call and hearing, "Who's this?" Didn't YOU just call me??

2. Those girls you see out wearing next to nothing and it's only 20 degrees outside. Then they want to complain that they are cold! Put on some clothes!

3. Txt talk. (It even irritates me that there is a name for it!) Especially when it's used on Facebook or emails when there is no space limitation. Using u instead of you...it's only 2 more letters! Seriously, you can't take the second longer to type the whole word? It would take me longer to figure out how to abbreviate some of these words than it would to just type the thing!

4. Absolutes. Argh! My husband loves to use these. As in, "I always call when I am on my way home"...no, sir, you do not ALWAYS do so. If you don't do it just ONCE, you can no longer say that you ALWAYS! In fact, we have had arguments because of this. He will never let me live it down, but I once started to say, "I ALWAYS rail against absolutes!" LOL. I did catch myself, but enough was said that he will NEVER (snicker) let me live it down.

5. Misspelling certain words. Example...There for their, its for it's. The Oatmeal has a fantastic guide on this very subject...read it, you won't be sorry! Then take this spelling test from the Oatmeal...once again, fantastic!

You know you thought of 12 different pet peeves...I want to hear them!

Here's my original post on the 30 Day Blog Challenge if you want to read what else I have to say.  I'd love for you to come along for the ride! :-)


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