Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Twitter is a fabulous thing...I will go so far as to say that social media is a wonderful thing!

I have a great autism family near me.  We even have a support group set up, but we don't see each other nearly as often as I would like.  Our lives are so busy with our children and just plain living that we don't get near enough time together.  This is where social media comes in.  It's there when we have a second to grab for ourselves.  There are other moms out there that are dealing with the same things, every day. And Twitter and Facebook makes it so much easier to come together.

This is why I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon the "you might be an autism parent if" hashtag on Twitter.  I stayed up late watching and participating, I have had several people follow me because of it.  I was up this morning and greeted to 432 new tweets for the hashtag.  Every one of these people understand!

Here are a few of my favorites:

 Jo Ashline 
 You have more compassion, patience, love, tolerance, hope, resilience & stamina than u ever thought possible

 your child goes hungry until the right food is served. Yes, children CAN starve themselves to death.

 you have learned to love your child for who they are, rather who they should be. Best lesson ever!

 you have to live forever. No, I'm serious. This isn't optional.

 helen hamill 
 you wouldn't change your child for the world- but want often to change the World for your child!

 Spectrummy Mummy 
 the first thing you'll do after you win the lottery is take your kid to a Swarovski shop and let her loose.

 claire howett 
 tweeting and following this hash tag has been the best therapy, EVER! :)

 you think it'd be cruel to throw your child a traditional birthday party full of stimulation.

 Sunday Stilwell 
 the term "IEP" instantly conjures up the theme song to "ROCKY" in your head

 Christine Zorn 
 you've burst into tears in front of a therapist or teacher....more than once


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